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Pat's poem, Barry Moser's illustration. Proceeds to AWA outreach. For the text of the poem, click here.

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Through Summer 2017 – Half Price Book Sale for these books:


Wake Up Laughing: A Spiritual Autobiography
Pat Schneider,
Amherst Writers & Artists Press,
Paperback edition

ISBN 0-942544-54-4, 197pp.

“…this book is terrific… very compelling – skeptical, generous, funny, straight-talking, wry – not a drop of grandstanding or fakery…”

~ Paul Jenkins, Editor, The Massachusetts Review.


Regular Price: $15.00


$7.50 for Summer 2017


Another River: New and Selected Poems

Pat Schneider. Paper.

Amherst Writers & Artists Press, 2005.

ISBN 0941895-30-0. 138 pp.

“She continually gets inside the things that are inside the reader.  She sees things the way they are and her language always rises above the ordinary meanings of words.” ~ North Dakota Review by Don Junkins, Poet, former Director, MFA in Creative Writing Program, University of Massachusetts.


Regular Price: $12.00


$6.00 for Summer 2017


Olive Street Transfer

Pat Schneider (Poems) Paper.

Amherst Writers & Artists Press.

ISBN 0-941895-17-3, 86 pp.

Beautifully produced by Oxbow Press, Hatfield, Ma. “This collection is particularly exciting because it offers the arc of Schneider’s work from some favorite early poems through new work that reflects the range of her commitment to social justice, her humor, and the exploration of intimate landscapes and relationships.” ~ Sue Walker, Poet Laureate of Alabama.


Regular Price: $18.00


$9.00 for Summer 2017


The Patience of Ordinary Things

Pat Schneider. Paper. Chapbook.

Amherst Writers & Artists Press, 2003.

ISBN 0-941895-26-2. 38 pp.

This small volume contains twenty-four of Pat’s most loved poems.


Regular Price: $8.00


$4.00 for Summer 2017



Long Way Home


NOTE: Collector’s Copies only remaining.  Paper.

ISBN 0-941895-11-4, 96pp.


“The poems are finely made . . . a thread of natural praise runs through her collection . . . will appeal to pilgrims whether knowing or unaware.” ~ Small Press Magazine


Regular Price: $40.00


$20.00 for Summer 2017


White River JunctionPat’s first collection of poems. Collector’s copies only remaining.

Paper. ISBN 0892-9041, 34pp.


Number One in the Amherst Writers & Artists Press Chapbook Series.


Regular Price: $30.00


$15.00 for Summer 2017


Line Fence

Peter Schneider.

Illustrated by Wilbur Pearson. Paper.

Amherst Writers & Artists Press, 2006.

ISBN 941895-32-7. 84pp.


“Peter Schneider’s poems are clear and honest and beautiful.  He has grabbed the big questions of life and death by the bull’s horns and made them fit into the legs of a pheasant hen, a shag bark hickory and the blue veins of a woman’s breasts.  There is so much love here, I feel blessed.” ~ Maureen Jones, Author: Blessed are the Menial Tasks.


Regular Price: $14.00

$7.00 for Summer 2017


Signed Broadside 

Poem by Pat Schneider,

Illustration by Barry Moser

Signed by both Schneider and Moser.


$150.00 unframed. All proceeds donated to Amherst Writers & Artists outreach to under-served populations. For text of poem click the link below the broadside at the left.


Regular Price: $150.00


$75.00 for Summer 2017


In Our Own Voices:
Writings by Women in Low Income Housing

(Pat Schneider’s Original Chicopee Workshop. Florentine Film about this workshop is in the DVD, available below).

“This book speaks to the profound developmental achievements that can be gained when women work together in groups. It has important implications for work with low-income women and important implications for female adult development in general.” — Joan Berzoff, Associate Professor and Co-Direcor, Doctoral Program, Smith College School for Social Work.


Regular Price: $10.00

$5.00 for Summer 2017








How the Light Gets In: Writing as a Spiritual Practice.

Pat Schneider. Paperback,

Oxford University Press.

ISBN 978-0-19-993396-9 303 pp.


Signed copies available here. “If there is one book on writers or writing you can read this year, I emphatically recommend this one. — Sapphire, author of Push and The Kid.




Writing Alone and DVD

Diane Garey and Larry Hott, who have received top awards for their documentaries nationally and internationally, created this DVD that includes their film about Pat’s workshop in a factory town.


A valuable aid to persons working with special populations: the incarcerated, youth at risk, low income writers, etc.




Writing Alone DVD ONLY

The DVD features interviews with Pat and with several workshop leaders using the method described in the book. Includes a series of thirteen writing exercises and the film about a workshop Pat led for fifteen years in a factory town, by Florentine/Hott Productions, Tell Me Something I Can’t Forget.  Link: View Video of film segments.




Writing Alone and with Others

Pat Schneider. Paperback

Published by Oxford University Press.

ISBN 0-19-516572-1.  416 pp.

Available in bookstores everywhere.  
Signed copies available from the author. The book is designed for the solitary writer as well as those leading classes or groups. “The wisest teacher of writing I know.”

~ Peter Elbow, from the Foreword.





Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) is the organization that is carrying on the work Pat established and carried on for more than 30 years. To discover how you can write with an AWA Method Group, or become trained as an AWA facilitator, please click this link.