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In this season of great fear and danger, when wars and rumors of wars clash against our consciousness, it seems to me that we must do two things: commit ourselves to action toward peace and justice in every way possible to us, – and find in the small things, the tender things, the quiet things, meaning and patience and hope.
I do hold the hope and the belief that we are not alone in this universe. Although it is beyond my understanding or ability to name, I do experience what the ancient Hebrew poet expressed: Underneath are the everlasting arms.
I offer this new poem as a year’s end gift:


Snow fall
and all

the seeds
the birds feed on

Tiny, earnest
air full flakes

cover the hand
that spreads
more seeds.

Mercy and woe
world sized

Around us
always the fall

and the hand
offering more.

Pat Schneider

6 Responses to A Year’s End Gift

  • Barbara-Helen Hill says:

    Beautiful and timely for me personally and all the world. Thank you so much. Hope you are well.

  • Abby Roberts says:

    The promise held in the earnest hopefulness of your poem is a lovely gift. Thank you, Pat.

  • Helen Sears says:

    This beautiful poem dives deep and wide, yet remains intensely personal, as the best poems do. A wonderful gift, indeed. Thank you, too, for your introductory words. Just what was needed.

  • Much gratitude for all you do For the past few days I have pondered over your poem
    Into mystery may I gaze
    and beyond syntax, sentence, phrase
    May I become myself
    to become whole.
    May I be soul.

  • Colette DeNooyer says:

    I’m going to run off your words and put them where I can see them daily. How I needed your courage and wisdom and hope in these days when, as you said earlier in your email – there is a shadow across the land. Thank you – for the gift you are the ways it keeps rippling forth.

  • Simply lovely!

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