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Forty-some years ago, in the early days of Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA), one of the founding editors of our literary journal Peregrine, Walker Rumble, along with Karen Donovan, started up their own small journal, Paragraph.

This magazine had many fans, and a long run. Now Editor Elizabeth George and artist Adell Donaghue, through Simian Press, will be launching LINEA, a journal of previously unpublished paragraphs of fiction.

LINEA will be similar to Paragraph, but with its own unique, artistic flair. Co-editor on the project is my good friend and another early dreamer of our work together in AWA, Carol Edelstein.

Let’s offer work for the premier issue of LINEA!** (More information from Carol and Elizabeth below). (**Marge Piercy says “never say ‘submit!’– say ‘offer!'” You go, Marge, girl!)


With best wishes,

Pat Schneider

Linea is a linen thread; the warp and weft during weaving; a fishing line; a plumb line; a bowstring; a geometric boundary; the long markings, dark or bright, on a planet’s surface; a line of thought; an outline; a sketch.

Linea is a literary journal of short fiction published by Simian Press. We celebrate the literary snapshot, the atmospheric vignette, the emotion jotted in the margin, the lives, characters, moods and settings that come alive within narrow straits.

We invite you to offer your previously unpublished short fiction for the inaugural edition of Linea, to be published in the fall, 2018. Edited by writers Carol Edelstein and Elizabeth George and designed by artist Adell Donaghue, Linea promises a cornucopia of fiction, taut, crisp, breviloquent, and lovely, as well as illustration artfully designed using both modern letterpress and digital technologies.

Work is accepted via email to Please limit your pieces (no more than 3) to 180 words, using twelve-point Times New Roman type, single spaced, in block text format (single paragraph, no indentation, spoken word embedded). In addition, please send us your postal address and a brief biography. The submission deadline is August 1, 2018. Contributors will receive a complimentary copy.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Elizabeth George

Carol Edelstein


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