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I’m delighted that my poem “The Patience of Ordinary Things” has just been published in Anchor Magazine accompanied by Fanny Rush’s stunning painting. (Please click on the link above or the painting below to see it).

Window - Summer Morning - Dorset by Fanny Rush Oil on Canvas, 67cm x 67cm

Window – Summer Morning – Dorset by Fanny Rush
Oil on Canvas, 67cm x 67cm

I’m in love with Fanny and her work. You can see more at


3 Responses to Brilliant painter Fanny Rush and Anchor Magazine

  • Middle-Age
    This is actually prose:by Pat Schneider

    Listen Online

    The child you think you don’t want
    is the one who will make you laugh.
    She will break your heart
    when she loses the sight in one eye
    and tells the doctor she wants to be

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  • Chana says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Brilliant painter Fanny Rush and Anchor Magazine | Pat Schneider <Liked it!

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