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I was honored many weeks ago to be interviewed by Tara Backes for the Ageless Women online summit. She’s graciously sent me a copy of the video she made; I’m sharing it with you here. The interview is about 40 minutes long. Enjoy!


3 Responses to My Interview on Aging with Tara Backes for her “Ageless Women” series

  • ann hunt says:

    Thanks for doing this interview and for sharing it… You are such a blessing! I’m not in my 80’s yet, but I am in my 70’s, and I too am having a hard time with aging and with aging alone… and the changes time has brought, and I’m not talking about wrinkles alone. Blessings!

  • Sue Gelber says:

    This interview is a beautiful window into your soul, Pat. Thank you for your authentic and vulnerable sharing. Aging and each of your experiences are an integral part of this interview. I am glad your tears facilitated courageous compassion to give it a try, protecting yourself by not publishing it, if uncomfortable. I’ve never felt I could write well enough for even AWA groups, and today I heard something I’ve never heard before that gives me confidence to begin again: writing concretely about what I do recall opens a path to deeper recesses—like Robert Bly’s black bag (which is why we love SoulCollage® ). My heartfelt empathy goes out to Peter and you with these health and safety losses. May you each be kissed by the lips of Grace as you navigate these new waters. Love to you. 💗

  • Pamela Payton says:

    I’m currently reading “Writing Alone and With Others,” by Pat Schneider. I’m an avid reader. I’ve read many books on writing, and struggle with writing my own story as there are some very negative stories that I live others that seem to need to be told, but I don’t know how, of if I should. I do not want to be sued. I do not want to hurt. I’m uncertain as to hiw these things maybe perceived. I’ve been so impressed with your book that I have recommended it to my daughter and others. I have also purchased your recent book. I gad to go online and find out more about you. I read your blog posts and watched the video on aging. There is so much I want to say that is complimentary and encouraging. You have many wonderful talents. You have a beautiful soul. You are very disciplined, and brave. Your journey has been challenging, difficult, and blessed. Keep on keeping on. KOKO. Love you! 💖

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