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Something quite wonderful has just happened, and it moves me to celebrate the work of my husband, Peter Schneider. Yesterday he received a letter from Poet Laureate,Ted Kooser, asking permission to use Peter’s poem, “Lost in Plain Sight” on American Life in Poetry, which “reaches 1.5 million readers in newspapers and on the web!”

To read his poem, go to: LOST IN PLAIN SIGHT

Although he has a beautiful book of poems, Line Fence, and we are in the process of publishing a new collection, Below the Remembering Mind, Peter does not think of himself as a poet. Nor does he credit himself for his 25 years of work in our farmhouse basement, managing all of the business of Amherst Writers & Artists.

It was 1990. We had left 25 years of his work pastoring Methodist churches, and he had followed that with ten years in a business he founded with lawyer Michael Pill, responding to the need for turbines in small dams in New England. He retired from that work and joined me in AWA at the point in 1990 where the organization was growing into an international fellowship of people trained in our method.

Through the next 25 years, Peter jokingly called himself “the old fart in the basement”, and always responded with surprise when someone commented that our entire organization rested on his management of more than a dozen volunteers working in and out of our basement at all hours of the day and night.

He is a beautiful, humble, brilliant poet and clarinetist now, 87 years old, and not at all “lost in plain sight” to the rest of us!

Peter in clarinet tee shirt

Peter Schneider & Emily Savin in Concert, 2017

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