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It saved my writing life!” — Deb Klaus

Pat could run a workshop in an oil drum, if she could fit herself and 12 people in. She offers a terrific blend of freedom and structure, affirmation and (in the private sessions) instruction. I can hardly imagine the person who would not respond to her warmth, openness, and power.” — Lane Goddard

Pat is a gifted, exceptional teacher, artist and compassionate human being. She led us from the superficial levels of writing deep into the hidden treasures we all contain and showed us that everyone is truly a writer/artist. She helped us become more courageous and honest – a difficult task! I will be able to finally start writing what I’ve always needed to write. Now I have tools to help me.” — Julia P.


The group bonded magically….The workshop was transformative and perfect.” — Betsy Schabacker

Blessed, beautiful, transforming and exhilarating. She is a master at allowing people to open up their writing voice.” — John M.

She’s the best writing teacher I’ve ever had – wonderful, positive, encouraging!” — Marilyn S.

Pat’s workshop was great. Look forward to another one.”— Stan Tefft

I have never participated in any workshop that was so well publicized, planned, executed, enjoyed, as this one.” — Marta Felber

Pat is extraordinary at getting a group to come together and I found all the exercises worthwhile and challenging.” — Dena Harris

A warm, inspiring exploration of writing, language and the human heart thatwas facilitated with great love, clarity and courage. Wonderful!” — Amy L.

Pat creates the perfect environment for writing. There’s more than a level of competence and an effective methodology involved. You can trust her with very important things.” — Gary T.

Pat too has a way of pulling out the best work in everyone, without making it competitive. She is a master of group dynamics. She knows how to get the group on an intimate level in a short time.” — Katie Walsh

The workshop itself was fantastic, and the afternoon and evening events provided ample opportunity for options to stimulate and supplement the core writing seminar and individual conference sessions with Pat….The participants were the best—wonderful people and inspiring writers.” — Joan Hofmann

I continue to think of my time in Winston-Salem as life-changing, and I say that without even the slightest hint of melodrama.” — Amy Lyles Wilson

The whole workshop experience reminded me of why I write in the first place, which is to entertain myself. It does not matter where you are, you can write.” — Rose Culbreth


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